A web presence is almost mandatory for businesses in today's world, since most of the population turn to a search engine online to find a local business before they even check a local phone book. It can also be fun, informative, or productive for individuals, as well. Blogging has become a common pastime, and anyone who is creative, inspiring, or able to provide a product or service would reach a greater audience through a web site.

We offer low-cost hosting. You can see our plans and order hosting at RDCSS Hosting.

Our server runs cPanel, which allows you, as a customer, to control a lot of things yourself. We have AWStats to help you see who is visiting and what they are viewing. RVSiteBuilder will allow you to build your own web site, even if you have never done one before and find HTML to be a foreign language. You can set up your own email addresses. Softaculous allows you to add a blog, photo gallery, shopping cart, or other third-party software to your site painlessly.

We also offer web design services. We can create a site for you (either inside RVSiteBuilder, which will allow you to make your own changes, or by coding it, or with WordPress). You need to gather the content you want on the site, any pictures you want to include, and your color preferences. We charge our usual hourly rate for this service. The price of the completed site will depend on how long it takes. Single-page "advertisement" business sites can take an hour or less, while larger, more complicated sites will take ten hours or more. We will gladly give you an estimate, but we cannot be certain until the site is finished.

If you are just getting started with a web site, the basic things that you will need to purchase or consider: