Maintenance Instructions

First of all you need to back your computer up on a regular basis.

    I recommend free cobian backup for nightly back up
  1. Choose the newest one Cobian XX

  2. Install The program follow the prompts, the default choices are ok.

  3. Tell it what you want backed up. You will be able to browse through you hard drive and find the files you want to back up.

  4. Choose your destination. - Use an external hard drive for your backup 500gb or 1000gb also called a terabyte.

  5. I would buy an external hard drive with a metal case ( the metal case pulles the heat away from the hard drive, making it last longer.)
    NACA sells them and can ship UPS 256-650-6208 (Mr Brett is the one I deal with)
    Radio shack sells a Iomega external unit that is metal. check with your local store.

  6. Now your ready to choose the time and how often you want it backed up.
  7. I would choose a time when your in bed. That way it will be able to back up all the stuff that is not running, and it will not slow you down when your working.

Antivirus - You must have a good antivirus.

    Avast antivirus is what I recommend - several of the other antivirus program slow your computer down and do a poor job at protecting you.
  1. Download Avast FREE home version (Note Business need to purchase a copy per computer. They offer good discounts.
  2. Install (by running the downloaded file. follow the instructions, defaults are ok. .)

  3. Every other time:
  4. follow the instructions - defaults are OK
  5. Requires a free registration - for a years activation.
  6. If your old antivirus was out of date, please make sure you do a full system scan.
  7. Your antivirus should be good for a full year. Then go register again at the end of the year.
  8. Click the box next to each update OR click the right mouse button on one and click "Select All"
  10. Let it install - if the alert pops up again, click OK
  12. Be sure all are checked
  14. Click YES
  15. Click OK
  16. Close the program

Defragment at least monthly

    To Use Defragment
  1. Start Defragmenter
  2. Choose your drive(s)
  4. When it finishes, click CLOSE
  5. NOTE: This is best done just before bedtime, so it will have all night to get done before you want to use the computer again.

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